Mintridge Bronze Pre Season Netball Programme with Georgia Lees at Pocklington School, January 2020

//Mintridge Bronze Pre Season Netball Programme with Georgia Lees at Pocklington School, January 2020

Mintridge Bronze Pre Season Netball Programme with Georgia Lees at Pocklington School, January 2020

Team Mintridge kickstarted what will be an exciting 2020 with a fabulous pre season netball Programme at Pocklington School, with the amazing Saracens Mavericks Superleague netball player, Georgia Lees. At the start of their netball season for 2020, the students at Pocklington School got off to a positive start with a fun filled day of netball drills and skills to get them back into the swing of their netball season, after their Christmas break.

Our morning began with the senior age groups, who were put through their paces by Georgia in the footwork, attack and defensive drills they worked on. It was such good fun for the seniors to be able to use the Crazy Catch nets which we brought along to our day.

As the day progressed, Georgia worked on a variety of skills and drills with the Pocklington pupils, who all worked really hard in the drills that Georgia had set up for them, despite the temperature outside! It was a great opportunity for the pupils to try some new skills and refresh their netball knowledge in their small working groups.

After each of the practical sessions, the groups headed inside to take part in a Q&A session with Georgia, where they found out a little more about her double life and how she copes with certain pressures outside of her sport and in her working life.

Some of the best questions from the sessions were:

How are you going to manage being a doctor and your netball when you qualify?

What has been your worst injury?

Did you still get through your trails when you were younger even though you were injured?

What is your diet like and how do you manage it with your busy day?

Do you get time to socialise?

What made you want to play netball?

What do you eat on a match day?

How often do you train?

How do you keep your fitness levels up?

What is your greatest achievement so far?

Did you meet any of the England players during your pathway training and trials?

During the Q&A sessions, Georgia also presented an award and medal to those in the group who had worked really hard in the sessions, persevered or had shown a particular strength in any of the practices.

Just like all our Mintridge Programmes, the pupils all had the opportunity to take photos with Georgia and we got each group together to take some photos at the end of each session, with our Mintridge props. Each pupil also walked away with a signed autograph card to take away with them to remember their day with Georgia.

We were so pleased that we could visit Pocklington School again this year for a fantastic pre season Programme. Thank you to the staff and students at Pocklington School for a brilliant day! We look forward to working with you all again soon.

If you would like to see the photos from our day, you can contact the staff at Pocklington School. You can see the video from our day at our YouTube channel via this link:

Have a great 2020 netball season!


Team Mintridge

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