Bowbridge Homes and Mintridge Silver Netball Mentoring Programme with Pamela Cookey at Manor School, Raunds – November 2019

//Bowbridge Homes and Mintridge Silver Netball Mentoring Programme with Pamela Cookey at Manor School, Raunds – November 2019

Bowbridge Homes and Mintridge Silver Netball Mentoring Programme with Pamela Cookey at Manor School, Raunds – November 2019

How do you inspire the next generation of young women to reach for the stars, follow their dreams and champion their athletic ability?

Well on Wednesday we did just that, with a little help from our superstar Netball Ambassador, Pamela Cookey. Team Mintridge were delighted to head to Manor School in Raunds for a very special Silver Mentoring Programme, that had been kindly donated by Bowbridge Homes, who are a local property developer building homes in the area.

Pamela welcomed four different groups of young women to her coaching sessions throughout the morning we were at Manor, where they worked on a wide range of netball skills to help develop their netball game but also the skills they could use in other sports outside of netball.

The young women involved in the sessions got to hear a brief overview from Pamela about her sporting journey and what it has taken for her to reach the top of her game and captain the incredible England Netball team. With a whole host of accomplishments, achievements and success stories, it was great for the students to understand the dedication and commitment it has taken for Pamela to achieve those accolades. However, along that journey, Pamela has faced some extreme set backs and the resilience and determination to overcome those set backs and come back stronger was certainly an important message for the pupils to hear.

As part of the session, Pamela selected two students from each group to receive a certificate and medal from her for their effort in the session or their application of the skills they were working on. Which linked well to the theme for the school’s current PE curriculum.

As the day progressed Pamela invited to give an inspirational presentation to the lower school students, all about their theme of ‘Work, World and Wellness’. In this presentation, Pamela highlighted and spoke about her double life and how that was very relevant to the lives of the young pupils in front of her, regardless of their sport. It was very powerful for the students to listen to how Pamela has managed her double life and the opportunities she had been given through sport.

Like all our Mintridge Programmes, the students all walked away with a signed autograph card from Pamela and the young women in the coaching sessions had some fun taking pictures with Pamela in the Twitter frame and with our Mintridge props.

At the end of the day, as part of this special Programme, Pamela and the school had selected two students to receive our very unique Mintridge Mentoring Programme, which would mean they would receive mentoring from Pamela for the next six months via Skype. We are so excited to follow the progress of these two students and follow their mentoring journey. We know that Pamela’s depth and breadth of knowledge will really help them in all avenues of their lives.

One again we are extremely grateful to Bowbridge Homes for kindly donating this Programme and enabling the students at Manor School this wonderful experience with Pamela Cookey.

If you would like to see any of the photos from the day, please contact the staff at Manor School, Raunds. You can see the video from our day, at our YouTube channel via this link:

Thank you again to the staff and students at Manor School for taking part in this special Bowbridge Homes Silver Mentoring Programme.

We look forward to working with you again soon.


Team Mintridge  

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