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Feedback for our Ambassadors

The judges praised Alex for overcoming personal challenges and using her experience for the good of others. The organisation that she has founded is already changing lives and has the potential to change sport from school level right through to the international stage.
“Both winners in the Sport category stood out as phenomenal role models and ambassadors for their profession” said the judges.
Air Marshal Sir David Walker, KCVO OBE DL & Mr Richard Mullen , Women of the Future - Sports Award Judges 2017
“On Monday, I was very pleased to attend a meeting that I had organised with the Minister for Sport, Tracey Crouch MP, and one of my constituents, Alex Paske, who is CEO of Mintridge. Mintridge is a fantastic organisation based in Corby, which provides training and mentorship for young people through a programme of professional athletes going into schools and colleges and giving speeches, coaching, guidance and support. It was great to hear about the progress that Mintridge has made since we last met, and I know that the Minister was very impressed with the amazing work that Alex and her ambassadors are doing to increase sporting participation, not to mention foster a better understanding of physical and mental health in young people.”
Tom Pursglove MP, Corby and East Northamptonshire

I just wanted to thank Patrick Foster for his inspiring talk. My son said it was very moving and thought he was so brave to talk in front of the school about the work he is now doing.

Parent, Bronze Programme, November 2019

We can’t thank Ben (Smith) enough. He is brilliant and has been a true inspiration to our son. We love hearing the conversations going on and Ben is so amazing and has the ability to converse on every level.
Thank you so much!

Parent, Silver Mentoring Programme, October 2019

You’re a very special organisation.

The children are still buzzing about the visit with Danielle.

Powerful stuff.

Understanding the influence and significance of role-models and then understanding that everyone can be a role-model to others is so important to developing well-rounded, confident future citizens.

So proud to work with you guys.

Primary School Headteacher, October 2019

I can’t thank Mintridge enough for such an inspiring day, Eboni was fantastic, the girls were all memorised by her presence! Words cannot explain.

We are only a small club, and this has been such an amazing experience for coaches and players.

Netball Coach, Hotshots Netball Club, September 2019

I had a great experience at wheelchair basketball. I met a man (Jordan Jarrett Bryan) who inspired me to play basketball. I learnt that just because you are disabled does not mean you can’t join sport and be amazing at it. The bit I enjoyed most was trying to shoot in the net.


Yesterday I met Jordan Jarret Bryan and in the hall he taught us how to use wheelchairs and play sport with them. I learnt it was harder than it looked; what I found difficult was picking up the ball on the wheelchair and going fast. I enjoyed all of it and the Q and A with Jordan.


We took part in Wheelchair basketball run by Jordan (an ex player), who is now on Channel 4. We also learned how to move around on a wheelchair. I enjoyed cricket and wheelchair basketball where team 1 would go around 2 chairs and team 2 would have to score baskets and get the other team out.’


‘We were chosen to take part in a wheelchair basketball session run by Jordan (a former player). He is now a Channel 4 sports news presenter. I enjoyed asking questions to Jordan because it was interesting to find out about his career. I also enjoyed playing the games. I learnt that wheelchair basketball is a skilled sport and it takes a lot of training.


‘Me and 14 other year 6 children had an opportunity of a lifetime. Luckily, an ex-English wheelchair basketball star (Jordan Jarett Bryan) came into our school and taught us how to play wheelchair basketball. Getting into a wheelchair was challenging but playing the games were easy. Our team won the cricket crossed with basketball; it was really fun.


During the wheelchair basketball it was difficult to shoot the ball in the hoop. I enjoyed getting to play a different sport as it was really fun. I learnt how to change direction quickly in a wheelchair.

Hopping Hill Students, Gold Programme, July 2019

We loved our day with Jordan, and it was lovely to hear from both staff and children how much they were inspired by his presentation and overall attitude with our school.

I think his presentation was accessible for the children and many of the teachers said how the children listened to every word and were so interested in his journey. I think it just showed them how if you believe in something then anything is possible.

From this we are going to bring more of an awareness of disability, differences to school life and not just for one off occasions.

A huge thanks again to all at the Mintridge Team for another well organised, inspiring and successful day.

PE Coordinator, Hopping Hill Primary School, July 2019

My daughter has been watching England today and it made me think of you and Pamela! My daughter has been selected for the MK Southern Regional under 16’s but hasn’t played since Easter as she broke her arm badly! She did win most improved player at her club presentation on Sunday. Her success is all down to the wonderful opportunity you gave to her (in the Silver Mentoring Programme). You honestly will never know how much it motivated and helped her get to where she is now!

Parent, Silver Mentoring Programme, July 2019

Thank you for making our student and her Dad’s experience so positive.  Dad continues to be highly complementary about the programme and the impact that this has had on his daughter.


Headteacher, Gold Mentoring Programme, June 2019

My daughter has been full of it, showing everyone her signed t shirt and programme and talking about how much she loved her basketball experience.

I will keep you up to date with her progress and any successes she achieves.

Thank you so much for your support.  It has been a fabulous experience. 

We look forward to following the progress of others too.


Parent, Gold Mentoring Programme, June 2019

The swimmers won their county finals and are now Champions of Northamptonshire! Thank you to Lizzie Simmonds for all the help and support she gave to help us get there.


PE Coordinator, Thrapston Primary School, June 2019

I absolutely loved seeing Mintridge in action and feel supremely proud that it is so incredible and successful!

Everyone loved it – both staff and pupils raving about it and it was fab!

Nekoda and Katie were so lovely and great with the kids too!


Year 3 Class Teacher, Alderbrook Primary School, June 2019

Many thanks for your organising Eboni and Mintridge to assist with our Annual Sports Presentation and BBQ last Friday. They were terrific and feedback from parents and students was extremely positive.

Director of Sport, June 2019 (Squadkit Partner School)

I recently attended your Inspiring Females talk on ‘Your dream career path doesn’t exist -you must create it.’ Firstly, I would like to say that I really loved the talk and what you do as a career. I hope that one day I will be as passionate as you are doing something I love. 

In your talk you mentioned how you stopped sports. A year ago, I went through the same thing but with athletics. I started the sport fairly late compared to others, but I was always told how I had a ‘natural gift’ for the sport. Sport is something that runs throughout my family however no one went on to complete a career in sports. 

12-year-old me always dreamed of winning a gold in the Olympics and others around me thought I would too. Athletics was my identity. I devoted a lot of time training and competing for 5 years. Until, like you, I went to a major competition in Manchester full of stronger faster athletes and my confidence shrunk to the size of a pea. I felt like I was the wrong piece for the puzzle. After that reality check I started to detest sports and slowly pulled out of the sport. 

Fast forward to now I still haven’t gone back to the sport. However, it has opened my eyes to my love of science and engineering along with starting volleyball. I love volleyball but it doesn’t have the same feeling as I get from athletics and it feels like I am learning how to walk again. I went from county champion in one sport to the new bee of another. All these new activities helped to distract me from the little part of me I have lost from athletics.

Secondary School Student, June 2019

Katie was a star from start to finish (at the Girls Summit in Paris). She raised up to every challenge put in front of her with talent and increased confidence.

Katie’s knowledge and eagerness to expand this knowledge are contagious. She very quickly integrated with the other participants, including the ones which couldn’t speak English at all.

Katie represented her organisation very well, with professionalism and creativity. She had no hesitation on participating at the Pitching World Cup exercise, preparing and delivering a pitch for her project (under the pressure of 3 minutes) with all participants, Nike and Women Win representatives watching it. She did amazingly well by guiding us through a different pitch, dream like, story-telling like. We could all see the girls moving from Bollywood to Running. I am so proud of her. if there is one regret is that we should have played Bollywood music during that pitch. Breath taking!

Katie is like a sponge, taking notes, listening to ideas, so willing to learn and evolve and do what is best for the girls she works with. She was a true inspiration for me and for all who had the pleasure to be with her in Paris.

Renata Affonso, Director of Influence, Women Win – June 2019

Thank you so so much for the photos and film of our brilliant morning with Danielle Brown MBE and Mintridge.

We really enjoying having Mintridge and Danielle Brown MBE visit our school. The messages from Danielle were so inspiring, and something we work on everyday with our children. Sometimes it is hard for them to understand why we promote our values and growth mindset because they are so young. Children now want instant feedback and expect to achieve things quickly but we want them to learn that fulfilment comes when we work on things for a long time. Danielle showed them that to achieve great things you need to work very hard, keep trying and keep practising. Her gold medals will make a more permanent impression in the children’s minds.

How lucky they were to then have a go at archery with an Olympic gold medallist!

So a massive thank you to everyone who made it happen for the children. And thanks for inspiring us as staff as well, to do our very best all the time.

Many thanks again – we would love to do something with Mintridge again – OF COURSE WE WOULD!!

Mrs Davidson, Headteacher - Binley Woods Primary School – May 2019

Monday was fantastic!!!

Grace (Harrison) was absolutely amazing and I bet absolutely shattered at the end too. Her assembly was brilliant and pitched perfectly for all – many staff commented to me about how good it was.

The sessions were great, I didn’t see all the content of all of them but what I did see was fab. Some of our girls were rather timid, however, the last group were in their element. Asking her loads of questions and to do some demonstrations. Grace was a wonderful sport and kept up her enthusiasm with her answers, demonstrations and the many photos.

The team of Jo and Katie were just as fab. Full of smiles and very easy to work with. We are very excited to receive their professional photos and the video that Katie is going to put together. Thank you to both of them for this additional surprise.

A huge thank you to you and all the others for organising/spending the whole day at Prior’s Field. We honestly feel very privileged and the girls (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed their time with Grace, Katie and Jo.

Siobhain Fernandes, Director of Sport, Prior’s Field School April 2019

My daughter had a fab time and Katie (Mintridge Programme Manager) was great and knew how to communicate with her. Marko was brilliant, both on court and with my daughter. A truly memorable experience, I loved it too!

Parent, Gold Mentoring Programme, March 2019

So pleased that Mintridge contacted us to offer the Judo Day with Nekoda Davis. All of our students loved the day and many have asked to do it again and find local Judo clubs they can attend. It was so great to see the confidence of our students grow throughout the sessions.

The inspirational presentations before the activities help student understand what it takes to be a champion.

Our school motto is “Be inspired”, and Nekoda certainly had that effect on all of our students.

Mr Peter Sanderson - Senior Assistant Principal, Kingswood Secondary Academy, Greenwood Academies Trust, March 2019

My daughter returned home on Friday after a Mintridge Bronze Programme with Nekoda Davis saying, “I want to devote my time to judo”. My daughter loved the sessions and she would now like to look at taking up Judo. She hasn’t enjoyed other sports as much and would now like to devote her time to judo instead.

Parent, Bronze Judo Programme, March 2019

The Masterclass was a fabulous day. My daughter and her team mates thoroughly enjoyed the day. The skills session in the morning was excellent and I thought very successful given the challenge of having so many girls indoors. The Q&A was very inspiring, and my daughter loved that Eboni played for the same development club that she does! The weather made the matches very tricky, but the girls had a lovely day regardless.

The inspiration obviously paid off as the team had an outstanding day at Nationals on Thursday and become NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!

They didn’t lose a single match through the entire day and scored a massive 110 goals at almost a goal a minute.

Thank you again, it clearly had these girls on fire!

Parent, Bronze Netball Programme, March 2019

“Alex spoke at our International Women’s Day event at the beginning of March. She is an engaging and articulate speaker who speaks with confidence and passion about her journey, whilst always ensuring her responses are relevant to the question asked.”

Marie – Louise Reynolds, Saffery Champness (Event Manager), March 2019

We had Alex on our WMN RUN, International Women’s Day panel. She was outstanding! She brought forth her amazing scope of experience from setting up the Mintridge Foundation. She engaged our audience by contributing not just her own story but also drawing on the stories and experiences of the children she works with as well as the athlete mentors involved in her charity. Alex’s style is very personable and authentic. Her passion for enhancing life skills in young people through sport and increasing sports participation for all is infectious. We look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Amelia Ritchie, Women Run (COO, Partnerships, Captain), March 2019

The day was incredible, and we are so thankful for being able to be a part of the Robert Elliott Programme. Some highlights for us were:

The way in which George interacted with the pupils – he was such a down to earth character which made the pupils not only feel at ease, but they also looked up to him. 

The organisation of the day – all Mintridge staff members that I encountered had such a passion for the programme and the excitement and ‘Buzz’ about the Foundation was felt by the students who participated.

The aftermath photos and videos – ABSOLUTELTY INCREDIBLE!

PE Teacher, Northampton International Academy, March 2019

Eboni (Usoro – Brown), I just wanted to say how inspiring you were today and not only to the girls, but to the teachers and those that were helping. You have really motivated me to believe in myself and if I work hard at something, I can do it with a positive mindset.

I was fortunate to watch you play at the Copper Box. You were incredible, you have so much POWER and STRENGTH and your ball placement in UNBELIEVABLE.

You constantly motivate the team on and off the court.

Thank you for inspiring me.

Secondary School Student, March 2019

Fantastic, it made us cry. Lovely to see how beautifully and professional everything is done. Robert would have been delighted.

Thanks so much to everyone at Mintridge especially Alex and yourself Jo.

In my wildest dreams l couldn’t imagine anything quite so perfect for the use of Robert’s legacy.

Ruth Elliott, The Robert Elliott Programme, March 2019

I cannot thank you and your team enough for organising such a terrific day for our academy. The students and staff have not stopped talking about it. It really was such a great experience for us all. I can see that you put such a lot of effort into the day and creating the pictures and media clips. You have really excelled yourself.

Assistant Principal, Purple Oaks Academy, February 2019

(The bronze programme) was very inspirational and relevant and importantly the pupils also had a lot of fun. I thought Danielle was superb with the pupils – even when they said her medals weren’t very gold!

Deputy CEO, Greenwood Academies Trust, February 2019

This has been a wonderful experience for my daughter and she has definitely taken a lot from the mentorship. She has already had positive comments on how she is implementing them.

Parent, Gold Programme, January 2019

“Thank you for helping me in my swimming. I am now much more confident in my strokes and have remembered all of my tips from you. I really enjoyed being able to Skype with you. I was very pleased to be chosen out of everyone at my school to be mentored by you.”

Student, January 2019

“I don’t know where to begin to thank you both for this experience for my daughter. She has not only grown in strength as a swimmer but also as a young person too.
When Lizzie came to school for the day I was so proud that my daughter had been chosen to have a separate lesson with Lizzie with a few other children from the school. Then to learn that she had been chosen as one of the mentees was just amazing. It sounds cheesy but it did bring a little tear to my eye, seeing how excited and pleased she was.
My daughter is usually known for her academic abilities rather than sporting ones. But in this case the mentoring programme has spurred her on incredibly. She has moved up 3 stages in swimming during the period! And watching as her mum I can see how much her technique has improved. Never once has she complained for felt too tired to go to her lessons. Lizzie has been a true inspiration to her and given her invaluable advice to achieve what she has in the pool during this time.
Away from the pool, my daughter’s confidence has rocketed! Her very first skype call, she was soooooo shy, didn’t speak, looked to me before answering a question. By the end of the programme I knew I could just leave her to it and she would chat away quite happily. My daughter has had a few difficulties at home over the last year and at times has struggled a bit, but I truly believe that the mentoring has helped “keep her chin up” during the time as whenever I talk to her about it, or she sees someone to tell them about it all she is absolutely beaming! Getting a birthday card too, well that was her most prized possession!
And for my daughter to have written about her experience with Lizzie and Mintridge in a letter to blue peter and receive a colour sports badge was just the cherry on the top for her!
My daughter felt a bit sad after the end of her last Skype call and we stood and had a little cuddle about it in the kitchen afterwards! So thank you Mintridge and Lizzie. A fantastic experience for my daughter, one she won’t ever forget!”

Parent, Thrapston Primary School, January 2019

“I am really grateful to you and Lizzie (Simmonds). It’s been an amazing opportunity and experience for my son. There have been some interesting topics of conversation between the two of them. You should be very proud of what you have created.”

Parent, Thrapston Primary School, January 2019 , Corby and East Northamptonshire

It was great to see how active the kids got in to it, I was really happy with the programme and I am even more excited to do more in the future. I look forward to planning in some more dates with you soon.

I went along to the first of these sessions at Campion School in Bugbrooke on Tuesday and was amazed that at such a young age, the kids really got the message.  It isn’t about being great at a particular sport, it’s about taking that ethos, that you need to practice and persevere to be good at something and applying it to everyday life goals, whatever they may be.

Oliver Purday, Managing Director, Bowbridge Homes (Corporate Partner), January 2019

Our preseason session with Jess was fab! The photos and blog look great too.

Head of Netball, Bishop's Stortford College - January 2019

It was a great session – many students and staff gave unsolicited feedback that they found the session inspiring.

Headteacher, Campion School, Bugbrooke - January 2019

I have just watched the video. This is lovely…Once again thanks to all involved. An excellent inspirational day. One of our parents from our Parent Forum group just commented how her son couldn’t stop talking about it. It made an impact.

Staff Member, Campion School, Bugbrooke - January 2019

Thank you so much for the photos, video and blog and for the fantastic day on Wednesday.
We have never failed to be impressed by our Mintridge days.

Headteacher, Sturton by Stow Primary School - January 2019

Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful pre season day for the girls on Monday. Anna Carter is a really inspirational coach and the senior girls in particular were really impressed with her depth of knowledge and the training session that she led.

Head of Girls' Games, Pocklington School, January 2019

Thanks so much for coming in last week, it was a fabulous day and the kids are still talking about it now! Rebekah was fantastic and all the girls enjoyed having her coach. Both you and Jo were fantastic to have about the place also. We would be more than happy to work with you again. I will send an email to the trust explaining about our day and how good an opportunity it was. The pictures and video and blog are ace and I plan to send out to all staff, promote on Twitter and Facebook and use the photos to make a display in the department.

PE Teacher, Cowley International College - November 2018

As in previous years this has been a massive success. Both sets of parents have been extremely appreciative of the mentoring the children have received and the impact this has had. They have spoken of how excellent Marko was at communicating with the children and the encouragement and challenge this has brought! It was lovely to see the video and goodie bag from our student’s recent trip to see Marko play – we used this last Friday in Assembly to celebrate! We are certainly looking forward to a new programme in the coming months. Thank you again for all you are doing to challenge and inspire our pupils!

Headteacher, Ingham Primary School - November 2018

It was an epic day and the girls have all been “buzzing” according to the feedback we have had today. Thanks so much to you, Jo, and Crista for delivering such an inspirational day, and the photos and videos are fantastic… they have made me smile at the end of an incredibly busy week.

Staff Member, Roedean School - November 2018

My eldest daughter is under a lot of pressure at the moment about her body image; not eat bread with soup, not eat cheese from school friends but she got in the car after the netball session and said “Mum – I want to be strong like Eboni!” I am over the moon.

Mother, Netball Club- November 2018

Can I thank everyone associated with Mintridge for the time and support for my son, especially Marko of course. It’s been so useful to have this and make my son aware of what sport can bring and what is needed to have success, whatever level it is played at. My son is more aware of his potential and areas to work on, it’s certainly so much better to have this coming from Marko than his Dad!! On Sunday, probably had his best game of football and stayed more focused, it was great to see.

Parent, Ingham Primary School - October 2018

Really proud of our fantastic relationship with the Mintridge Foundation – consistently they provide sportsmen and women who come to inspire our children rather than showcase their own talent. Mentoring makes a difference. Thank you Marko Backovic and Alex Paske.

Ingham Primary School, Twitter - October 2018

Our daughter said she’ll miss talking to Marko and she is looking forward to March to meet him again (at the Sheffield Sharks fixture).
Thank you to Marko for the time he has put in. I have been so impressed at how well he talks to our daughter. He pitched it perfectly to the extent that it gave our daughter the confidence to speak to him without my support. She will always carry his valuable advice with her.

Parent, Ingham Primary School-October 2018

My daughter has been selected to train with the North Bucks County Team! She has fought to get on a Pathway to England Training programme having been turned down for another county! I can’t believe how hard she has worked to get there! This success is all down to what you and Pamela do. My daughter was painfully shy and hates speaking on the phone let alone Skype but the Skyping with Pamela really motivated her and gave her the confidence to aim high! I will always be so grateful that Pamela spotted her!

Parent, Akeley Wood School - October 2018

My son benefitted massively from the mentoring programme with Marylin that you at Mintridge facilitated and organised.

Parent, Roger Begy Memorial Trust - October 2018

Wow! My daughter’s confidence has gone through the roof with Lizzie!
Normally she is a bit quiet and looks to me before she answers. Today she had detailed answers to Lizzie’s questions and asked Lizzie questions too.
It was lovely to see.

Parent, Thrapston Primary School - September 2018

Marilyn honestly couldn’t have been more perfect for our Sports Awards Evening, having come from a similar school etc. Parents have been high in praise, along with the staff who attended.

Director of Sport, Princess Helena College - September 2018

A big thank you from the young girls who came down to see Eboni. One of the mums is a voluntary coach for them as most of them can’t afford to join a local club. They only pay £12 for 9 weeks due to the generosity of some of the local community. It meant a lot to them to be able to meet Eboni. I know they were all massively inspired, so thank you again.

Club Secretary, The Netball Club - September 2018

Thank you for such an amazing session. Everyone gave such positive feedback. Eboni by all accounts was fantastic and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We will be in touch again for sure! You guys were great to work with.

Club Secretary, The Netball Club - September 2018
I received some really awesome news today, I qualified for the Laser Run World Championships in Cape Town, South Africa to represent Great Britain. This has got to be one of my biggest achievements! It has always been a dream of mine to fly the GB flag and do my country proud so I’m still in utter shock that I actually am going to!!
I would like to thank school for their ongoing support and introducing me to Mintridge where I have learnt valuable skills and techniques. Thank you Heather and Alex for the opportunity which I believe has helped me get to the World Champs!!

Heather Fell's Silver Mentee, Ampleforth College
We’ve really enjoyed using your services for the last year or so and look forward to arranging something again next year. Our two mentees really enjoyed the Silver Programme and all pupils have benefited from the visits from Laura and Danielle.

Mr Hebborn, Headteacher, Scampton Primary School - July 2018
Thank you, your team, and of course Marilyn for another brilliant day with our students. She is so inspiring and interacts incredibly well with the kids, so it is always a pleasure hosting!
Alice Page, David Ross Education Trust Enrichment Co-ordinator - July 2018
Following our daughter joining her two netball clubs she was invited to Northampton County trials on Sunday. She wasn’t successful this time but has been asked to join the MK Netters Regional team. I shall always be so grateful to you and Pamela!

Parent, Silver Netball Programme - June 2018
What a lovely day you provided, Georgia (Lees) was fantastic with the children, a complete natural and everything was so well organised as usual. I have some lovely comments from the children to show the influence Georgia had today, including a boy asking if there were any netball teams he could join outside school. You are already on my sports action plan for next year.

Jackie Peacock, PE Co-Ordinator, Ingham Primary School, June 2018
Thanks again to you, your team and Marilyn for some incredible visits. The students were so inspired by her and can’t wait to crack on with their training and perform at the Summer Cup.

Alice Page, Sports Enrichment Co-ordinator, David Ross Education Trust - June 2018
The mentoring programme with Stevie Eskinazi and Nekoda Davis has been fantastic for all four of our students involved. They have absolutely loved the sessions and it’s been great to see students that are not necessarily the best performers getting lots of advice to take away into their specialist areas. One student was hesitant at first but has really enjoyed the experience and this has been shown in her improved confidence in setting up an extra-curricular club for her year group.

Head of PE, Manor School - May 2018
It is amazing to see first-hand the challenges that athletes go through which I have witnessed over the last six months.
The remote mentoring has really helped my fitness and health.

Nekoda Davis's Silver Mentee, May 2018
We have used Mintridge programmes twice now and I can say both experiences were worth every penny. The children who were mentored have had their lives changed and are going to Key Stage 3 with a new approach to sports and everything else. The assemblies and activities in school were absolutely first rate and both ambassadors (Jordan and Danielle) were truly inspirational! I can’t speak highly enough of all of the ambassadors and staff I have dealt with.

Mr Maddams, St Mary's Primary Academy - May 2018
Following our daughter’s Skype sessions, she has joined two netball clubs!! One is a lovely low key fun one but she wanted to compete more so she has joined MK Netters and is loving matches on a Sunday. None of this would have happened if Pamela hadn’t noticed her potential and given her the confidence to do this .So many thanks!!!!
Parent, Silver Mentoring Programme - April 2018
The last 6 months have been so helpful, thanks to Georgia. I’m so lucky and honoured that a Surrey Storm player mentored me. She is so lovely and has given me such great tips towards my netball.
Thanks to Mintridge that it happened as the training day with Georgia and Halos was so fun! I will miss mine and Georgia’s Skype sessions as they were a lot of fun – we spoke all things netball, fitness, coaching, matches and positions. We also spoke about things outside of netball – which was even more fun as Georgia is such a lovely person to talk to and an amazing netball player.
I will look forward to hopefully watching Surrey Storm v Manchester Thunder in April and seeing and catching up with Georgia again.

Student, Halos Junior Netball Club - March 2018
The mentoring programme was a positive and beneficial experience. Marilyn was really helpful and taught me a lot about athletics, sport in general and the lifestyle that goes with it. I’ve learnt a lot which I can take into the future and improve my athletics career and gained valuable knowledge to improve myself as an athlete. Marilyn and Mintridge have been a great help. Thank you!
Marilyn Okoro's Mentee, David Ross Education Trust - February 2018
Thank you so much for Monday, it was an amazing day and exceeded our expectations. I’m still telling everyone I see about it, and so are my two children who are at the school.
The pictures, video and blog are wonderful. There are some beautiful pictures.
Laura is amazing, I think I’m her newest super fan!

School Business Manager, Sturton by Stow Primary School - February 2018
I would just like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for giving our mentee the chance to be mentored by Danielle, it has been completely productive. Our pupil has grown in confidence and self-esteem and is a regular member of many of our school sports teams (including the boys teams).
Randolph Ryan, PE Co-Ordinator, St Paul's with St Michael's School - February 2018
I was a participant in an event at Scampton Church of England Primary School on Tuesday. I arrived early and watched Laura (Sugar) doing her stint. I thought she was brilliant, caught the imagination of the students and was an excellent addition. I was very impressed with her performance.
Robin Dunseath, Adventurer - February 2018
Thanks again for another successful mentoring programme with Mintridge!
Thomas has really enjoyed the opportunity to share his successes and areas for development both on and off the field over the last 6 months.
He quickly established an excellent rapport with Fil, who has been so supportive and encouraging. I was particularly impressed how well Fil picked up their conversation from a previous session. He either has an excellent memory or makes good notes!
I have noticed how confident Thomas has become in answering Fil’s questions and in his readiness to share what he has been working on. Thank you to you and Fil for another successful programme!

Mr Ian Tyas, Headteacher, Ingham Primary School - January 2018
The girls, and staff had a great time on Friday. Please pass on our thanks to Eboni.

Head of Netball, Dumpton School - January 2018
I just wanted to say thanks for organising our Skype sessions with Pamela Cookey. The children had their last one yesterday and they were very sad when it was over. They absolutely loved chatting to Pamela and it has been fantastic for them to meet a role model who is so kind, genuine and down to earth. She really cared about what the children had to say and they thought she was brilliant. Many thanks for giving them this opportunity.
Year 6 Teacher, Windmill Primary School - January 2018
A HUGE thank you for putting together such a wonderful pre season day for us last Monday. The girls loved it and the staff learnt a lot from Georgia. On that note, what an ambassador you have in Georgia – such a warm and engaging lady with endless amounts of energy which managed to inspire us all. Your organisation and flexibility on the day was hugely appreciated.
Head of Girls Games, Pocklington School - January 2018
I think it’s fair to say that we believe this programme is a fantastic opportunity for the children to have regular face to face conversation with someone living their dream. The advice, the laughs, Fil’s football travels, the shared successes and also the confidence boosters and importance of still having fun when things haven’t gone in their favour are all things Oliver will definitely take from this. Although Oliver was reluctant sometimes, Fil has always been very patient and encouraging and has kept the conversation flowing. As they approached their final sessions it was clear Oliver had relaxed into Fil’s company and was more forthcoming with the discussion, particularly when it came to comparing football boots!
Thanks so much for giving him the opportunity to participate.

Parent, Silver Mentoring Programme (Primary) January 2018
I just wanted to pass on congratulations from myself and everybody at Windmill Primary for your recent award. It’s great to see you being recognised for what you do and the accolade is thoroughly deserved.

The Principal, Windmill Primary School, Raunds - January 2018
I’ve just seen an article about your Woman of the Year Award… WOW!!! Well done you! I just wanted to say congratulations ????. We hope we see you again this year at Windmill.

Vice Principal, Windmill Primary School, Raunds - January 2018
“Clemmie gained so much out of her Mintridge experience and has taught her family a lot about how much sports can bring to all our lives.”

Parent, Ampleforth College, December 2017
“I am so pleased to hear that Pamela has enjoyed the sessions. The girls have given me feedback about the sessions and they have found them really beneficial and I have truly noticed an increase in Katie’s confidence at school which is amazing.”

Mrs Holly Peedell, Head of Girls PE and Games, Akeley Wood School
“We had a lovely day, one she will remember for the rest of her life.
We both learned a lot from the sessions; information that we’ll use again & again over the years. I feel that Danielle has planted a seed in Felicity that will see her through a life time of growing and learning, and she’ll always have this positive outlook whenever she takes on a challenge.
Danielle had a great way in giving Felicity space, allowing her time to think of the questions and formulate a response. Danielle was great! The last 6 months with Danielle has seen Felicity’s confidence and maturity grow immensly. We have been incredibly fortunate to be selected for this honour. Thank you so much for making it possible.
I wish you best of luck with Mintridge, I think it’s a great thing!!!
In the course of this week Felicity has started to write a book about the things we discussed with Danielle called ‘How To Be Your Best In Sport’.”
One Parent (St. Paul’s with St. Michael’s School), Gold Mentoring Programme with Danielle Brown MBE, October 2017
“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you both so so much for this amazing experience, Heather has helped me so much. Thank you.”

Heather Fell's Silver Mentee, Ampleforth College
“We were so impressed with the programme and the organisation of the day, that I have been singing your praises to everyone! Our U13 A team have made it in to the South Regional league this season – all the tactics that Eboni has taught them have proved invaluable!”

Anna Coombes, Wimborne Netball Club
“You have made such a positive impact on my pentathlon journey and I’m so glad you could be part of it with me! The Mintridge mentoring programme was honestly SO useful and it has taught me so much including believing in myself, and when I have started to do that, I have achieved what I wanted to achieve. Yesterday was amazing and my family and I felt extremely honoured to be there to collect a hugely prestigious award which I know meant a lot to you and to meet so many inspirational athletes. The talk was really useful and my mum, sister and I have taken a lot away from that. The whole day was so well organised and I felt so special to be there. I’m so proud and happy I could be a part of Mintridge and I wish you and your family every success in the future!! Receiving the Anna Horrell Award has been a huge achievement for me and has boosted me heading into 2018 which will hopefully be a great year.”

Heather Fell's Mentee, Anna Horrell Award Winner - December 2017
“Pamela, thank you so much for skyping me for the last six months. I have really enjoyed it and it has really given me confidence. I am really grateful for this lovely opportunity.”
Pamela Cookey’s Silver Mentee, Akeley Wood School
“She is a true testament to ‘you get out what you put in’.”
Pamela Cookey, Mintridge Netball Ambassador referring to her Silver Mentee, September 2017
“I’d like to thank you both so much for giving me this opportunity to be mentored for the past 5 months. Pamela has helped me bring out the best in myself; whether that’s on the netball court or being a better sportsman.
The drills and the exercises that Pamela gave me were very specialised to my weaknesses in a game situation and fitness wise, and were adapted to my ability. Amazingly, I have seen improvements whilst playing in competitive matches for my club, as well as keeping my fitness up throughout the summer.
It has been an incredible experience for me to work with Pamela as she is a big inspiration to all netball players out there.
Once again, thank you so much for all of your hard work. It’s an experience I will never forget.”

Pamela Cookey’s Silver Mentee, Akeley Wood School, September 2017
“The teachers have said they’ve seen a new confidence in her (mentee) since Pamela’s mentoring which is lovely. Considering she won’t even chat to family on the phone as she is quite shy, it’s amazing that she chats to Pamela and enjoys it so much. I’m really grateful to you and Pamela. We look forward to seeing you at school again.”

Parent, Silver Mentoring Programme
“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you guys for yesterday. Marilyn was an absolute inspiration, as are you. To have built/created what you have done in such a short space of time, with an absolute focus on impacting the future generation…amazing! The buzz around school today is tangible!” September 2017
Matt Coleman, Principal, Windmill Primary School, Raunds - September 2017
“I can’t tell how much the children were buzzing this afternoon after Marylyn’s visit – she was amazing! Thank you so much.”
Michelle Brett, Year 6 Teacher , Windmill Primary School, Raunds - September 2017
“This is a real Sporting Legacy. So glad the #IWD2017 event at the Olympic Park could support the gold mentoring programme to happen. Mintridge is amazing!”
Jade Harris, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Sport, Health and Inclusion Manager
“Eboni was terrific and I know Lucie and Daisy really appreciated her input – and the pre-season sessions were super.”

Mrs Julie Flower, Gresham's School
“Thank you so much for organising this. Kezia was so happy and was very inspired. She learnt a lot about how to get into athletics. She also enjoyed going to the events, she felt very special. Thank you very much Laura, and good luck for the next season.”
Miss Bucknor , Godwin Junior School - September 2017
“The programme has clearly benefitted Saffron hugely personally and in terms of her passion and commitment to various sports. Laura encouraged her to not only pursue athletics, but also to pick up as many other sports as possible, which she has absolutely acted upon. Her participation in extra-curricular activities has increased as she took up athletics, gymnastics and trampolining and rejoined the basketball squad. Her confidence has developed when interacting with other students and members of staff and she has been much more forthcoming when offered opportunities within school.
We’d also like to thank Mintridge hugely for organising the mentoring and each individual session so well- it has been minimal effort from our end with huge rewards and that’s down to you, so thank you again.”
Rachel Kelman, PE Teacher, Clapton Girls Academy - September 2017
“I am really lucky, as not many people get the chance that I’ve had, it wasn’t like ‘teacher talk’ but was more normal like talking with a friend and asking questions. I got lots of good information about sports.”
Laura Sugar’s Gold Mentee, Clapton Girls Academy (International Women's Day Programme 2017)
“Fil was a huge hit with the Junior School and the children were talking about it all day.”
Mrs Rex, Headmistress, Bedford Modern Junior School
“The girls really enjoyed themselves and were talking about it for the next few days, Eboni had a very positive impact! We would love to work with Eboni’s programme again.”
Sammy Kemmish - Netball Coach, Bridgwater and Taunton College
Mintridge brought Jordan Jarrett-Bryan and Jamie Andrew OBE to Witham Hall to inspire and educate our pupils during Enrichment Week, focusing on Understanding Disability. The day was an incredible experience for our children to engage with these truly inspirational role models. Mintridge could not have done more for us; they are a highly professional, organised and friendly company, whom I could not recommend more. We look forward to welcoming them back to Witham Hall very soon.
Jess Tarver, Head of Girls Games, Witham Hall
“I just want to say thank you for noticing me and giving me the confidence to get back into athletics. Having you pick me out of the crowd and giving me this opportunity really gave me the boost I needed and if it wasn’t for you believing I had the talent to succeed I probably wouldn’t be as dedicated to the sport as I am now. Hopefully one day I will be in the position you are in – doing the sport I love as a career, representing my country in competition and looking forward to an upcoming Olympics.”
Marilyn's Mentee on a Silver Mentoring Scheme
“I have been absolutely delighted with the work they (Mintridge) have done with us. They are extremely well organised, provide great communication and have bent over backwards to give us a special day. I have been staggered by the impact that these visits have had on raising the profile of sport within the school, not just for the mentees but for all who met the athletes. We used Sports Premium to fund the visits and it has been really worthwhile – a very clear long lasting impact. I am already in the process of booking again for the summer. I will add that I have not been asked to write this by Mintridge but am just heartily recommending them as an excellent organisation who create fantastic opportunities for the children.”
Mr Ian Tyas, Headmaster, Ingham Primary School
“We had a great day with Will Chudley coaching some of the Year 6 and 8 boys – the boys loved it!”
Marc Gardiner, Head of Boys Games , Millfield Prep School
“The netball masterclass was such a great opportunity for the girls and will help increase both their skills and confidence. Everyone was so excited about Sasha and Eboni coming to BMS and hosting an event like this for our students is not something we have done before. All of the girls had a fantastic time learning from the experts and it really was an inspiration for them!”
Heather Gilbert, Girls Games Co-ordinator, Bedford Modern School
“Mintridge provided inspirational athlete appearances to help us celebrate our Schools achieving the School Games Mark Award. The organisation and professionalism of everyone involved was excellent. We chose two School Games Mark Gold schools to receive an appearance from Laura Sugar: both Rowan Gate Primary and Yardley Hastings were delighted with the impact of Laura’s visit on all pupils and Sports Crews. Laura Sugar was a fantastic role model for our Primary Schools, sharing her personal inspiration of London 2012 to become a member of the GB Athletics team only two years later. I would highly recommend Laura to any schools to engage young people in the power and inspiration of sport and promotion of the School Games values. Mal Loye was a brilliant Ambassador for sport at our Primary School Games Mark Assembly. His passion and enthusiasm for sport really came across, with the added inspiration of his journey from playing at Cogenhoe Cricket Club (in our Partnership) to progressing to play for Northants and England.”
Hannah Hore, School Sport Manager, Wellingborough and East Northants School Sport Partnership
“Thank you for coming in yesterday, you were both brilliant with the kids and they were really inspired by Marilyn – including myself! The feedback I have received from the staff and the students has been great. They really enjoyed it and the day we felt was really successful.”
Kirsty Hill, Sports Enrichment Officer, Humberston Academy (David Ross Education Trust)
“On International Women’s Day, Laura Sugar attended our event at the Copper Box Arena on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The event (set up by Active People, Active Park, Motivate East and Sport and Health programmes at London Legacy Development Corporation) saw a host of elite athletes attend, encouraging and inspiring young females to participate in physical activity and sport. Laura’s commitment at the event was flawless and she participated in almost all the activities on the day. Laura continued to inspire when talking confidently to the press, sharing her experience of International Women’s Day and developing from grassroots to elite sport.”
Alex Zurita, Project Manager, London Sport (Active People, Active Park)
“I am writing on behalf of Stockcross School to thank you, Ben Smith and Scott Meenagh for the most enjoyable activities the children and staff shared with you recently. The photographs were beautiful and a fantastic reminder of the workshops. The children’s questions posed to Scott illustrated how keen they were to understand how prosthetic legs operate. I am sure they will have gained confidence to talk to other people with amputations…..’to smile and applaud’.”
Lynne Barton, Sports Co-ordinator, Stockcross Primary School
“Emily had a fantastic day and was thrilled to meet and be coached by Pamela.”
Parent, Halos Junior Netball Club
“The programme that you are developing with Mintridge is superb and the pupils of a small school like Ingham are privileged to have such inspiring visits from sports stars and Olympians.”
Mr Hutchinson, Chair of Governors, Ingham Primary School
“Thanks so much for the photobook, it’s a great reminder of a wonderful week.”
Tina Pearce, Year 4 Class Teacher, Park Junior School, Kettering
“We were extremely fortunate to be visited by Laura who totally inspired our children! She’s the living embodiment of our school rule ‘Bounce back’ and showed how she, through her determination and resilience, succeeded and achieved her ambitions. We have used Laura’s story to motivate, inspire and raise the aspirations of children at Ruskin Academy and remind everyone we can all achieve our dreams!”
Angela Watts, Principal, Ruskin Academy
“I’m passionate about sport and the power of positive sporting role models to children. We’d been learning about the Olympics last term so it was great for the children to meet someone who competed there! Laura was a great hit and I’m sure will help us as we also work to increase sports participation, enhance life skills and promote a greater knowledge of the body and wellbeing for our pupils.”
Nicky Kingsnorth, Lead for Teacher Development, Ruskin Academy
“Laura Sugar’s visit taught me that I can take challenges head on – even when things seem impossible. I know that if Laura could achieve her dreams I can achieve my dream of becoming a doctor.”
Safiya, Year 4, Ruskin Academy
“Laura was confident and wasn’t scared to tell us about her disability. She’s inspired me to ‘bounce back’ when things go wrong or seem harder than they should be!’
Bailey, Year 6, Ruskin Academy
“Laura inspired me to persevere and become more resilient and to never give up by telling me about how she overcame her disabilities to become a Paralympian in the Rio Olympic Games.”
Micah, Year 6, Ruskin Academy
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